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Experience unique treasures: Numerous experiences around our five treasures in Salzburg and in the Salzkammergut are waiting to be explored by big and small explorers.

Our five treasures

  • contentcolumnsitem_1754574416 With the FestungsBahn funicular up above the roofs of Salzburg
  • contentcolumnsitem_1607305489 Up to astonishing art and nature experiences with the MönchsbergAufzug lift
  • contentcolumnsitem_474928380 Immersing yourself in the secrets of water at the WasserSpiegel museum
  • contentcolumnsitem Heavenly scenery with the SchafbergBahn cog railway
  • contentcolumnsitem_1815972465 WolfgangseeSchifffahrt ferries promise a refreshing escape

Off to a unique treasure hunt

View the world from a different location, experience unforgettable days and enjoy magnificent views: Goals certain to meet with the SchafbergBahn cog railway and the WolfgangseeSchifffahrt ferries in the Salzkammergut and the FestungsBahn funicular und MönchsbergAufzug lift in Salzburg city. Our brand new treasure in Salzburg city: The WasserSpiegel museum on Mönchsberg. The interactive museum gives exciting insights into the past and present of Salzburg's water supply.

The ride on the SchafbergBahn cog railway all the way up to just below the 1783 m summit takes the better part of 35 minutes and you will probably wish it could last even longer, considering the extraordinary views you are treated to by this steepest cog railway in Austria: With every vertical meter and every curve, your perspective of the world changes.

As the biggest inland passenger shipping fleet in Austria, WolfgangseeSchifffahrt ferries invites guests to hop on or hop off spontaneously at seven different boat landings: Ports of call include Strobl, St. Wolfgang and St. Gilgen, along with a number of other beautiful spots.

The treasure hunt continues in the city of Salzburg: With the MönchsbergAufzug lift and the FestungsBahn funicular in the middle of the UNESCO World Heritage city. Both went into operation in the 19th century and lead in seconds to the Mönchsberg, the Hohensalzburg fortress, the WasserSpiegel museum and the Museum der Moderne Salzburg. This green natural jewel in the heart of the historic district invites you to walk and stroll along the rocky trails and hidden pathways, to a number of cultural and culinary highlights.


Whether in spring, at the height of summer, in autumn, during Advent or amid the magic of wintertime: In every season, visitors are greeted by attractive offers for the whole family. We'll keep you informed!